Small Painted Spirit Doll


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This artist was originally known for vibrantly hued ceramic masks.

Recently, he continues to explore painted soft sculptures, also meant to adorn your wall, in similarly handsome colors and complex designs.

This Spirit Doll is one of the latest pieces brought to us, and just as intriguing as the larger work.

This richly hued doll celebrates the blessings of and journey through life, as seen in the many symbolic designs that embellish it.

Sturdy canvas is covered with acrylic paint, some of which glitters, and stuffed to form a 3-D doll.

Cool colors represent the night sky, while contrasting warm colors represent earth and sun.

Together these colors symbolize Nature in balance – a spiritual ideal for the Navajo people.

The painted symbols include the journey through life spiral, stars, rivers, mountains, and the dragonfly, symbolizing prosperity for the people and the land.

The bundle of reeds on each side stands in for the traditional medicine bundle, assuring the owner of the blessings symbolized in the piece.

They also represent earth and solid land, in contrast to water – again, the balance of Nature.

Deep, luscious color, striking design, a unique concept, and fine workmanship result in a charming conversation piece to hang on your wall.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Polyfill, Reeds, Waxed String




4 1/4"