“Moon Spirit” Sculpture


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Enjoy this from Robert Dale Tsosie:

“Stone sculpture has always held a deep fascination for me. I have a deep need to use my imagination, prayer, and meditation to find new ways to express myself through stone carving. I never have to look far for ideas. They are always within me. I explore its potential to help me define my ideas and thoughts about whatever my mind may want to study at any time. I was advised by Allan Houser to seek new creativity and experiment with sculpture in every way possible. I seriously reflect on the Master’s words that he often shared with me at the annual Heard Museum’s Indian Art Fair and the Red Earth Indian Art Show in Oklahoma City back in the day. I have always challenged myself to leave my fear behind to go beyond my comfort zone. Spontaneity and simplicity have served me well in the creation of my work. My ancestors’ rich culture and history have offered me an endless abundance of teachings and lessons that blessed me throughout my art career as well as at the present moment. Awareness of the present is all I ever have to depend on. I have high regard for being able to connect with the presence of stone to guide me as I sculpt. Stone keeps me in wonder and amazement in its inherent and illustrious qualities that it offers me to use to express myself to the world. For that, I am truly grateful to my mentor, Allan Houser, and living ancestor, stone.”

Robert Dale was mentored by prominent artists Charles Pratt and Bruce LaFountain, even while attending the Institute for American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe.

At his graduation, he received the T.C.Cannon Award for artistic and academic excellence, and other prestigious awards came fast and abundant after that and are still accumulating.

This beautiful “Moon Spirit” is representative of a crescent moon in form while subtly including the features of a spirit. The Utah Alabaster shows multiple finishes, a common technique used in Robert Dale’s work that enables him to show contrast and depth. He has placed the sculpture on a wooden base, perfect for stability when displaying this unique piece.

A 3-D masterpiece by a Master of the 3-D, this beautiful sculpture will bring a delightful presence into your home!


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Utah Alabaster, Wood


9 1/4"


3 1/4"


2 3/4"