Mixed-Media Figure


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Mentored by the great Sheldon Harvey, this young artist interprets his influence in her own, very colorful way.

Abstract, and non-representational of any actual spirit or dancer, the figure still evokes Navajo symbols, figures, and dancers.

The style is expressionistic, with saturated colors, exuberantly applied, and an energetic mix of shapes, as well.

The zig-zag outline of the figure’s body is emphasized by an overlaid piece of equally, but differently, sharply cut wood.

Many of the painted elements refer to water in some way: dots and circles, for drops; stepped designs for rain; wavy lines and bands of paint, for flowing water, etc.

Even the preponderance of blues suggests water, but it is balanced by areas of red -for land – green – for crops, and touches of yellow, for sunlight.

Traditional features include the feathers, signifying prayers rising to the heavens, the sort-of-Sunface design on the head, and the crosses, which stand in for the four corners of the world, where the blessing of water should extend.

A riot of color, expressive brushstrokes, and nice details ( for instance, the rainbow colors on the ribbons of canvas), along with a syncopated series of angular shapes, make this modern figure impossible to ignore.

Its lively vibes will bring lots of happy energy to your house.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Wood


14 3/4" H x 6" W and Deep