“Double Dancer”


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A self-taught artist, Antoinette found herself through art after a troubled adolescence and young adulthood.
She settled on using abstraction and expressionism as her preferred style, exploring the power of emotion, rather than static, traditional imagery.
This mixed media sculpture is full of energy, from shapes, color, and swirling designs.
Influenced by the work of Sheldon Harvey, who mentored her, her pieces are imaginary, with some traditional motifs expressed in totally personal ways.
This animated figure is actually two!
Both sides are fully designed and painted, with complementary, but different designs.
It evokes ceremonial dancers, with feathers on the head, and strips of painted canvas, wrapping around the whole body
One side features a head that suggests the Sunface, or a Ye’i, with dark, horizontal eyes and a face divided into two halves.
Fiery reds and yellow form one-half of the face, with cooler turquoise and green on the other; there is a touch of the hot red and yellow on one side, here, too.
Vertical brushstrokes subtly recall rainfall, and the body of the figure is replete with rain and water signs: dots symbolizing water drops, spirals, angular lines referring to flowing water, and an arrow that resembles lightning, and also points to the “Sunface- Ye’i” above.
The other side has a much cooler palette, with turquoise, and various blues outweighing the warm orange part of the head.
Here too, water and rain symbols are exuberantly displayed with controlled abandon.
A divided palette between cool greens and blues, and blazing red and yellows are also painted on the base, along with white crosses that represent the four corners of the world, where the blessings of nature in balance is meant to extend.
The canvas strip that drapes around the figure(s) is like a meandering stream or an enveloping blanket.
With dramatic, complementary colors and syncopated shapes, this younger artist expresses some of the core imagery of Navajo culture in an entirely new way.
Color and movement sweep the onlooker into an irresistible whirlwind of visual emotion.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Wood


16" H x 6 1/8" W x 6" Deep