Contemporary Micaceous Bowl


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A prodigiously gifted and imaginative pottery artist, Alan has become a top-rated award-winner.

Adept at traditional Zuni pottery designs, his latest work taps into his background in fashion design, as well as his penchant for experimenting with form and techniques.

In his talented hands, micaceous clay has a striking new look. One of his happy accidents in firing resulted in random patterns of softly hued streaks.

This exceptional bowl is inspired by the “lines, curves and pleats” of his fashion background, according to the artist.

The undulating, sharply scalloped rim and flattened oval shape are in no way like traditional forms, but nonetheless gorgeously graceful.

Thin-walled and smoothly finished, the micaceous clay is embellished only with shadowy, smokey areas throughout the pot.

These free-form shapes beautifully coordinate with the flowing lines of the rim.

Although Alan still creates pottery with traditional painted motifs, he also enjoys these boldly contemporary pieces that allow him to use all his artistic and technical influences – with spectacular results.

With a new look, using both age-old and innovative techniques, this is a new face of Native pottery, splendidly bringing the past into this new century.

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