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2020 Inaugural Grant Contest – Auction

Welcome to the auction for the 2020 Inaugural Summer Grant Contest!

We had an overwhelming show of support for our young artists during the voting, and as a result, we had an EXACT TIE!!! What does that mean for you?  Well, it means that you get to bid for a chance to win one (or both) of these exceptional paintings!!!

The winning bids will support multiple charitable endeavors within the artist’s communities.  The goal of this grant and art contest is to help young Native American artists know that they are supported, and encourage them to take the next steps in their art careers. Not only do the artists themselves benefit from the grant contest (winners get $1000 to spend on art supplies and education), but they get a chance to positively impact the Native American population in the communities in which they live.  

Thank you for your support, for sharing this with others, and for bidding on these amazing pieces!

Good Luck!!!

Click here to bid on Kyle’s painting.

Click here to bid on Adrian’s painting.