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Native Arts Community Grant: Finalists!

We have reached the second round of voting (click to vote) to determine the winner of our Inaugural $1000 Artist Grant!

The winning piece will be auctioned off for charitable giving that directly benefits the Native American population in the community where the winning artist resides. So we asked each finalist where they would like to see the funds raised by their work allocated. Here are there replies:

Hesci! My name is Georgia Adeline Harjo, I represent the Seminole, Mvskoke, Chahta, and Cheyenne nations, and I’m a student at Sovereign Community School located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I’m so glad to be one of the top three, I’m very honored to be next to these amazing artists. I loved everyone’s entries! I’m extremely thankful for the support from my family and community, I really appreciate you all.
If I were to win, I would donate the proceeds to the indigenous youth at my school, to start a library or community garden.

I believe reading is knowledge, and there are many indigenous authors and books that can impact our future. Starting a library would benefit our students with resources they may need or want so that they have trouble-free access to learning materials.

With a garden, we can do seed trade, and bring traditional plants from the many nations represented in our community. It can bring us together to continue on food sovereignty and reconnect with the earth in a natural way. 

Georgia Adeline Harjo – to vote for Georgia click here.

I’d like to split the funds between 2 organizations… or just choose one. I want to see how much I can get from the auction. Then decide. 🙂

Taala Hooghan Infoshop/Outta Your Backpack Media Center
We are an Indigenous-established, community-based and volunteer-run collective dedicated to creatively confronting and overcoming social and environmental injustices in the occupied territories of Flagstaff and surrounding areas. We are restoring and redefining knowledge and information in ways that will be meaningful to our communities. We offer access to independent media, the arts, skill-building, and alternative education, with the goal of self-development as well as empowerment for youth and the greater community into action in favor of a more just and sustainable world.

The Buddy Whitethorne Foundation
The Foundation will assist young Native American artists in the development of their careers with scholarships and other financial support and mentoring.

The foundation members have already taught and encouraged me so much, I believe it is in the youth’s best interest to give back to them.

Kyle Yazzie – to vote for Kyle click here.

Water is life. Water is very powerful and is essential for us to live. Water is very sacred and very scarce on the Navajo Reservation.

In the area I am from there is a severe drought effecting many communities like Indian Wells, Dilkon, Leupp, and Seba Dalkai. My mother and fathers reservation do not have running water so it has to be hauled from a water source. I have spent summers out home and had to help with this task. There are many others who don’t have running water and I would like to help them. I would donate to the Water Warrior’s United because they have been hard at work helping those who are not able to get water. We need to continue to support those who are hard at work to help others.

Many Navajo’s on the reservation do not have the luxury of turning on a faucet. We have to go out to haul water for ceremonies, livestock and our everyday lives. I pray one day we will no longer be overlooked and we may have the resources to have something people take for granted. Tóh’ íína’.

Adrian Apachito – to vote for Adrian click here.

We are thrilled by the artwork and the HEART of these Young Artists. No matter who wins, we know all 3 have done great work for their communities. Help us choose the winner by voting here!